How To Get Free Heavy Appliance Pick Up Anywhere

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Did you know that you can get free appliance pick up by a company or individual. The old adage “nothing is really free” has been debunked. In this article I will show you how to call the shots if you’re ever faced with the daunting task of appliance removal.

We will be using the win win technique spoken of by some motivational speakers. But what really is the win win technique”. You see, dealing with people at any given time will put you into 1 of 3 situations.

1. Win lose. This is when you win but the person you called to come get your old washer ended up being the loser because he looked at your old washer and said that it was just junk and took it to the scrap yard and only got 12 dollars cash. Not enough to cover his gas and labor for coming to your home to pick up your old and broken washing machine. You might respond so what, at least I won. It’s not my fault that he took the washer. Such an attitude invites fees on your next visit because the next time Rob the scrapper will charge you, your family members and your friends to pick up you old appliances. And everyone knows that you have up to four more appliances in your home that can go belly up on any given day.

2. Lose Win. Lose win is where the company or individual has taken you to the bank by charging you up to 100 dollars to remove your old appliance. You lost money but they won. But why pay when you can use the win win technique. In this case too someone came out as a loser. The key is to conduct business in such a way that both parties win. Hence win win. The key to getting anything you want in life even free appliance removal by a company or individual.

3.Win win is where it’s happening. But in order to incorporate the win win technique, you must be aware of some important information. With this information, you will have leverage in dealing with a company or individual who picks up appliances. In order for this technique to work, you must only deal with a company or individual who has the knowledge to repair appliances. The neighborhood scrapper will sometimes turn you down since they feel that they will only be getting just a few dollars for so much work and labor.

2nd, you must be aware that your old appliance still has a great deal of value to it. Did you know that the timer in your washer or dryer if it is not bad is worth between 75 and 150 dollars. The motor is worth up to 150 dollars also. Wow, that’s already 300 dollars worth of parts. If you have a dryer, the heating element is worth about 45 dollars. The belt too in that old dryer still has value as it can be used in another dryer of the same size. There are up to 4 sensors in a dryer that still can be used in another dryer of the same kind. Even the very drum in the dryer can be switched out with an older drum that might have bubble gum or ink stains all over the inside. As you can see, your appliances are worth money considering also the face that the company or individual who picks up you appliance will end up putting the appliance back on the market. In which case they end up winning and you also end up winning because you no longer have to worry about paying for appliance pick up. Now of course the win win technique requires some special negotiating skills. But by mentioning all those valuable parts inside the appliance, the company or individual will see that you are enlightened and won’t be able to talk you into paying for appliance pick up.

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