Microcurrent Facial: The New Face of Electrolysis

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Introduction: With over 25 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Tariq Sheikh has written and spoken on a variety of topics related to electrolysis. In this article, he will discuss the benefits and challenges associated with microcurrent facial electrolysis, which is a new type of electrolysis becoming more popular every day.

What is the Microcurrent Facial Procedure?

The microcurrent facial procedure is a new and innovative way to manage skin conditions. It involves using a small current of electricity to help improve the skin’s function, texture, and complexion.

What is the Procedure for Patient Preparation?

Before beginning the microcurrent facial procedure, you will need to be prepared. This includes washing your face with soap and water, applying an occlusive cream or ointment, and avoiding sun exposure. You may also want to wear sunscreen and protective clothing when performing the procedure.

What is the Procedure for Microcurrent Facial.

The microcurrent facial procedure begins by applying an occlusive cream or ointment on your skin surface. The cream will help reduce friction between your skin and the electrode implanted in your face. After minutes of treatment, you will likely notice an improvement in skin texture, color, and function.

How to Use Microcurrent Facial.

1. In order to use a microcurrent facial, you will first need to possess an Electrolysis machine.

2. You will then need to be seated on the machine and have your head connected to the electrode.

3. The next step is to place a drop of electrolyte solution on top of your skin.

4. Once the solution has been applied, you will then need to wait until the machine starts up and begins filtration of the electrolyte solution through your hair follicle.

After approximately five minutes, you will see a small amount of red liquid being released from the electrode into your hair follicle.

5. You will then need to wait for the red liquid to dissipate and the electrolyte solution to be absorbed into your hair.

6. Once the process is complete, you will need to wash your hands and face using soap and water.

How to Use the Microcurrent Facial Machine.

The microcurrent facial machine uses a small current of electricity to stimulation the skin surface through high-frequency stimulations.

1) The device should be plugged into an electrical outlet and must be turned on in order for it to function properly.

2) It is recommended that you use a clean shirt or dress before starting the session in order not to cause any irritation or skin sensitization.

3) After Plugging in The Device, You Will Be Ready To Start Stimulating Your Skin!

4) Hold down one of the white buttons on top of the machine and wait until your desired area has been stimulated for a few seconds (approximately 10 seconds). 5) Then release the button and enjoy your new pale complexion!


The Microcurrent Facial Procedure is a gentle and effective way to improve facial complexion. By following the steps correctly, you can enjoy improved skin tone andvity.

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