Nose Pad Replacement

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Most people don’t realize that you can change those oily nosepads that sit on our glasses. As someone who has to wear glasses all the time I am constantly combating skin irritation that are from the nosepads on my glasses. I recently discovered the great ray bans nose pads that are wonderful and don’t absorb the oils that normal nose pads absorb.

I was really intrigued at the fact that they claimed these HD or high density nose pads don’t discolor or absorb body oils. I placed my first order for a 13mm snap in pair and they delivered them about two days later. I was amazed after a week and that hadn’t even begun to discolor. Typically the pads I get at my local optical shop and pay ten dollars to put on start to discolor after a few days.

I installed my new pads that I purchased and it was off to the proving grounds to see if they absorbed the oils and irritate my skin. After about a week I was thoroughly impressed with this product and I have had the same pair on for three weeks and the red spots that use to dominate my nose were finally gone.

I am so impressed with these that I purchased. I am so excited to let people know about these great nosepads that have my eye glass wearing experience so much better. I will never buy another standard nosepad again in my life.

I would highly recommend using ray bans nose pads for your eyewear.

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