The Top 10 Digital Skills That Technology Companies Are Looking For Today

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Try to attend many soft and technical skills courses to get started when applying for work after graduation. Remember that these skills are nothing without a good work ethic, dedication and hard work. In addition, since the pandemic and the move to a working environment from home, it has become essential high income skills for employees to organize their time to separate between work and personal life without having the structure of an office. College is the perfect time to work on your time management skills as you find a balance between attending classes, studying, socializing and perhaps having a side job.

But the world of technology is changing rapidly, so demanding industrial technologies are constantly changing. Tech is also engaged in the cultivation of the financial sector, with an increasing demand for project managers, specialists in software operations, application developers, business intelligence specialists and statisticians. Data analysis and software skills are also essential in areas that do not fit the technology form, such as human resources.

The cyber security labor crisis is expected to reach 3.5 million unsecured jobs by 2021. And if you want to learn Cyber Security and need resources, here’s a list of the best Cyber Security Courses you can participate in in 2021. Cybersecurity, information security, network security and vulnerability assessment are the best skills to learn how to get a job as a cybersecurity specialist.

“These skills are so sought after because they are at the forefront of technology,” LinkedIn wrote on his blog. Employers need employees with cloud computing, distributed, statistical analysis and data mining skills to remain competitive.”.” Here are expected to be 10 jobs by 2021, the skills and experience you need to look for and the average salary you want to pay to stay competitive. Artificial intelligence, also known as machine learning, is on request due to a lack of qualified professionals in the field. If there are not enough qualified professionals in a field, the demand for it is high, which also means that the payment package is usually very good.

Big Data app and analysis revenues are expected to grow from $ 5.3 billion in 2018 to $ 19.4 billion in 2026. The industries that invest the most in Big Data are banking, manufacturing and professional services (p. E.g., financial advisors, accounting firms) and the federal government, with an estimated total investment of $ 129 billion in 2022. Those who will take online courses in machine learning will now arrive relatively early, as demand will only increase from here. According to McKinsey, 49% of companies are currently planning to use machine learning. Common cases of machine learning include recommendation systems, generating customer information and intelligence and detecting fraud.

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