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Nowadays it is usually only worn as a festive costume and in clubs and groups to preserve the traditional costume. For men, a special shoe known as Haferlschuhis was preferred. Originally intended for agriculture in Bavaria, this shoe contains a sole made of thick leather or rubber and is based on the design of an animal helmet. In the past, men were proud to make their own Haferlschuhe, but today they are available in many traditional shoe stores. In recent decades, fashion designers have created their own interpretations of the dirndl. Although it may seem simple and uncomplicated, a well-made modern dirndl can be quite expensive, as it is custom-made and sometimes cut from expensive hand-printed or silk fabrics.

I have chosen to include a different Schwarzwaelder costume in this article. This costume comes from the village of Dennewitz and is known as the Flaeming attempt. This state is not divided into districts, but historically the northern part is Schleswig and the south Holstein, the traditional border is the river Eider. Most Trachten & Dirndl von Moser Trachten of the population speaks German today, but many of the people in Schleswig are of Danish or Frisian descent, and many in East Holstein are of Slavic descent. Today I will try to give an overview of the folk costumes of Germany. As in many parts of Western Europe, the survival of folk costumes in Germany is very irregular.

It was originally ankle length, but in more modern designs it is accentuated with an apron. Hi Roman, do you have any other pictures/images of traditional Prussian clothing? My grandfather emigrated from Germany and I was told that our heritage is Prussian. I wonder if there is anything besides what looks like very formal black clothing. In the state of Lower Saxony, many regions have developed their own traditional clothing. The term Tracht comes from the old High German word “traht” and means “what is used”.

You can rent online all year round and also rent offline for the Oktoberfest period. During Oktoberfest there is a small shop on Auenstrasse to serve customers every day, including Sundays, with a counter, changing rooms and about 1,200 packs in stock. There is a selection of about 20 different styles of dirndl, and for men there are ten models of leather pants combined with shirts in multiple colors and patterns. Lederhosen look high quality and are a pleasure to use, and dirndls are made from pure cotton in a standard cut. If you need decent traditional costumes for a single oktoberfest visit, this is the place to come. And it’s cheaper to rent a good traditional costume here than to buy a sloppy one that sits on the back of your closet forever.

Forget what we have to wear to Oktoberfest, I think we need more practical household items to become fashion statements in general. Do not wear a dirndl that goes under your breasts, this is not “authentic” and will quickly bring you into the territory of Halloween costume. Let your push-up bra do all the pushing, that’s what it’s genetically bred in a secret laboratory on Venus to do. Although it is part of the wedding dress, this headdress, called “St. Georgener Schäppel”, can also be worn on other festive occasions, but not after the woman has married. With its extensive embellishment of glass beads and a diameter of 35 to 40 cm, the headdress is one of the most elaborate pieces of the Trachtenverein St. Georgen.

If you’ve been to Oktoberfest, which is held all over the world, you’ll be familiar with lederhosen and dirndls. Lederhosen, which means “leather pants” in German, are the leather shorts worn by men. These are usually knee-high and are historically worn by working-class German men.

By 2013, it had become standard for all young Bavarians to have traditional clothing in their wardrobe. This growing interest in traditional clothing was noticed by fashion houses. Since the 2000s, more and more fashion houses have been involved in the design and sale of high-end versions.

Some of the women in the Gallery of Beauties (Schönheitengalarie) in the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich were painted with Dirndls. Whatever you do, don’t wear sandals and not only will you look crazy, but open shoes are also a safety hazard with debris and occasionally broken glass in the Oktoberfest tents. It’s also been a habit to add pewter pins to the side of your Oktoberfest hat based on the cities you’ve visited and the interests you have, such as hiking or hunting. As you add pins to your hat, it becomes a statement piece to tell your story and the places you’ve been.

The winter Dirndl was heavy and often dark, with long sleeves and a thick apron to keep the wearer warm. Younger Germans often use Wiesn Klammern at Oktoberfest to be humorous and use funny fake names or dirty words instead of their real names. There are stalls at Oktoberfest that sell Wiesn Glupperl and they will engrave your name or a funny phrase. You can even buy custom orders in 15 minutes in the Oktoberfest tents. We’re often asked to bring an umbrella as an accessory when it rains, but that’s a bad idea.

We prefer the highest alpine hiking style hat, both because of its appearance and because it gives a better surface to place souvenir peels and decorative performances. Adding fun jewelry to your outfit is a must when deciding how to dress for Munich Oktoberfest. The most common accessory is a Weisn necklace or a ribbon choker that goes with your dirndl.

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