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Summer can be very humid, which makes summer temperatures feel very burning. Humidity is not only reserved for summer – Houston has a fairly large amount of rainy days throughout the year. The period between October and April may be the best time to visit if you want to avoid heat. In general, Houston is a safe city with many criminal activities taking place in blurry neighborhoods and areas that do not interest visitors.

Given the historical and architectural importance of the very unusual space, BBP has taken a bold step to reuse Cistern in a wonderful public space that would contain an ambitious program for changing apartments on Westheimer artistic structures. This historic area is a place to go to Houston for antiques, home decorations and old clothes. The Heights offers an intimate group of shops, restaurants and a hair salon.

Market Square Park is where you will find outdoor movie shows, concerts, pop-ups, bingo blanket and gyroscopes. Although it is a huge city like Houston, the tour here is very logical and can save you time and money to get to certain parts of the city that you may miss. Take a look at this selection of recommended tours in Houston. Two of the best moments to visit Houston in terms of weather in early spring and early autumn, when temperatures are warm but not too high, sometimes avoiding repressive humidity (and crowds)! But no matter when you visit Houston, there will always be something wonderful, as festivals and public events are constantly taking place.

Watch the historical monuments and cultural delights of Houston in this 75-minute episode, a tour of the sights. Enjoy unobstructed scenes and listen to wonderful vocal comments as you walk through important landmarks such as the Historic City Hall and the Houston Zoo. Watch popular attractions such as Market Square, Central Aquatic City and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and jump to explore more as your attractiveness. At any station located in a convenient location along the way. The best breakfast and breakfast hotels in Sara offer a break from the modern hotel and boutique chain. The urban home is located a few kilometers from the city center in the highlands, a neighborhood that represents the buyer’s paradise.

For a lighter meal, choose Dosa, a crepe of the password that is served in a variety of styles. For real treatment in Texas, see Houston Rodeo, the largest animal and cowboy theater in the world. Artists including Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Case, Taylor Swift, even Elvis Presley took the stage in the Houston Rodeo. Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern since 1926, one of the first drinking water tanks in the city, makes guided tours every day and often hosts local art facilities in the underground space. Fortunately, the city has many options to stay cool – water parks, shady picnic areas, and museums and restaurants refrigerated with alternating current offer a heat respite. There are advantages to visiting Houston at any time of the year.

There is a running path, a boating lake, many garden areas, dining options, a playground and much more. There is even an outdoor ice rink in the winter months. But my favorite is the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston .

I stayed here with my husband the last time we were in town and we liked him! Hotel ICON is located in the city center, close to all my favorite bars and restaurants. The best attractions in Houston could not be easier than this tour to see the landmarks of the city with two floors. Follow the city’s most important tourist attractions, such as parks, landmarks and historic areas, then head to NASA’s Johnson Space Center for a self-dirigated tour. It is located 25 miles west of downtown Houston and includes retail outlets, including Kate Speed, Nikki, Koch, Neiman Marcus and Sachs Fifth Avenue.

This urban park is home to hiking and cycling trails, dog park, sculptures and many shady areas to relax. Houston makes an excellent destination for the weekend, with direct flights from all over North America. Combine a trip to Houston and a visit to nearby Galveston, less than an hour away, to get a mix of the great life of the city and the island. For a full look at what to do, see the list of best attractions in Houston.

The elegant design and elegant decor, along with the premium services and the main location in downtown Houston, make it one of the best places to stay in the city. For luxury Mexican cuisine, discover the flavors of Oaxaca in Xochi, located on the first floor of Marriott Marquis Houston in downtown Houston. The menu offers a complete set of dishes and includes some weird options to move your imagination. From the creative mind of chef Chris Shepherd, One Fifth Houston was to be a five-year project with five unique food concepts, but has since changed to just three versions. Every year, the restaurant, located in an old church, is completely transformed into a theme and food.

These colorful murals decorate the walls of institutions in different locations in the city and are worth spending time driving and seeing. The informal art of street art in Houston is the attractive artist known as Gonzo247. He is one of the most famous street artists in the city and the creator of the mural giant “Houston is Inspired” in the corner of Travis, Preston and the smallest “Houston” in Leeland and St. Emmanuel’s streets.

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