Vodka Martini Cocktail Recipe

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Pearl Harbor is a delicious fruity high ball with a great mix of flavors. It has been popular for many years, not only because of its taste, but also because it looks impressive. This vodka drink mixes pineapple juice with a bright green melon liqueur like Midori. You can mix the two or place the ingredients in a striking green and yellow stripe in your glass. One of the best cocktails for the summer, bliss on the beach is always a success.

Simple, refreshing and so fine, the kamikaze is a fantastic martini vodka. It’s a bit like vodka’s reaction to daisy and daiquiri and it’s incredibly easy to shake. In this recipe you combine premium vodka with freshly squeezed lime juice and high-end triple sec. It’s a chic drink, but if you fancy more parties, there’s also a kamikaze shooter. If you find yourself looking for a refreshing, short vodka drink, black Russian is a perfect candidate.

Vodka plays a supporting role in this batch cocktail and adds an alcohol kick without changing the other flavors at stake. Amaro, vermouth and a mint tea syrup can shine completely in this clear, refreshing and perfectly balanced summer punch. This crispy, slightly spicy cocktail is made with bubbly Prosecco, dry vermouth and vodka infused with fresh ginger.

Mix all ingredients with ice and sieve in a very cold cocktail glass. This modern classic was invented by bartender Dick Bradsell in a London club in the 1980s. The vodka gifts combination of vodka, freshly prepared espresso, coffee liqueur and simple syrup has a double effect, making your drinker caffeinated and drunk at the same time.

Transform the classic combination of lemon iced tea into a refreshing frozen vodka cocktail. The key is to freeze the drink components into ice cubes up to a few months before mixing, so you don’t have to over-dilute the drink with ice cream without taste. You may know better as blueberry vodka, but this fashionable mixed drink is traditionally called Cape Codder. It is a satisfying and refreshing mix that is ideal for a quick happy hour. The recipe is quite simple and the combination of vodka and cranberry juice will certainly please.

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