Haroon Mallana assistant director of it in iub university and manager of two projects nftp erozgar

Haroon Mallana is a name synonymous with excellence in the field of Information Technology. With vast experience in the IT industry, he has shown remarkable skills in managing and leading new organizations. With his exceptional skills and expertise, he has successfully planned and implemented different IT-related projects and programs. Haroon’s experience in administration and senior […]

The Top 10 ways to make money online

Introduction: If you want to make money online, you need to be creative and know how to market yourself. That’s where marketing comes in. Marketing is the process of creating and conveying the message that your business has. You can do it through print, digital, or even mobile marketing. In this article, we’ll focus on […]

SEO: The Art ofdriving Traffic to Your Site

Introduction Introduction: SEO is more than just increasing the visibility of your site. It’s about driving traffic to your site, period. That means putting together a well-optimized website that attracts visitors from all over the internet. You don’t have to be an expert in SEO-Reporting to get started, but it will save you time and […]