The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Feet

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Keeping your feet clean and soaking them regularly reduces problems caused by harmful bacteria and can prevent fungal infections like athlete’s foot, says Hannan. If you have shoes that rub your feet incorrectly, a good foot bath can soften the callous skin and keep your feet smooth. Make sure to dry your feet well after washing, especially between your toes. Bacteria and fungi can thrive in a humid environment. This is when many people begin to experience foot pain and problems caused by the weakening of the foot structures that started at the age of 30. Many people in this age group are beginning to notice that their feet hurt at the end of a long day and often start to have foot problems.

Keeping your feet healthy and happy is very easy to do and can be done in your home. Your feet take care of Expert Foot Doctor Brentwood California you, so take care of your feet! Here are great tips for keeping your feet healthy and happy all year round.

However, applying good foot care techniques will ease discomfort and produce positive results regardless of age or current health. Being all day can be painful and even harmful to the health of your feet. Sit where possible and aim your feet or soak them in a foot bath; Rest helps prevent injury. If you wear high-heeled shoes or other uncomfortable shoes, consider wearing comfortable shoes at least a few days a week; your feet will appreciate it. Trimming and filing keeps your nails in good condition, making your hands and feet look and feel as good as possible.

The feet should be kept strong, healthy and comfortable. They are highly susceptible to constant use injury. Every year, people spend millions of dollars on over-the-counter solutions to correct problems that can be prevented with proper foot care. “Younger people will often sacrifice pain and function like that,” Trepal says of shoes. A 2014 study found that 8 in 10 Americans experienced a foot problem, defined as everything from an ingrown nail to chronic foot pain.

Break your new shoes slowly, wear them for an hour or two a day until they are completely comfortable. Dr. Cunha is proud to be genuinely interested in all of her patients, while providing them with the utmost compassion and exceptional care. Cutting your toenails directly instead of rounding them around the edges can prevent ingrown nails, a condition in which the nail is dug and grows on adjacent skin. Our podiatry team specializes in non-surgical and surgical care of the foot and ankle.

Home remedies often don’t work and can even be painful, but a doctor can help you. Rub a lotion with cocoa butter on the skin of your feet every day. You can do this in the morning, although it is recommended to skip the area between the toes. However, if you have severe peeling problems or dry skin at your feet, you can try a hydration routine at night. Cover your feet with cocoa butter and then put on a comfortable pair of cotton socks. The socks hold the cocoa butter against your skin and prevent it from entering all sheets.

Click here to read more about the reasons why you shouldn’t be barefoot. Most of the impact of walking or running is absorbed by a fat layer on the heels. If you spend a lot of time getting up, your heels may need extra help.

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