Transparent Led Display App

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Outdoor LED displays require a waterproofing rating of IP65, while indoor displays only have an IP20 rating. If you are considering investing in bright LED displays, RIGARD LED can be your great option, as RIGARD’s transparent LED displays led display manufacturer meet all of the above features. RIGARD LED is dedicated to choosing the right pixel pitch for customers, from 2.6 to 31.25mm pixels. Ultra-high density pixel pitch means a sharper, more attractive image on your transparent LED display.

The LED display comes with maximum brightness and vitality that can be used extra at a concert, conference, festival or special occasion. It doesn’t matter if you want to present a standard, basic, direct color message or a comprehensive, effective or dynamic electronic message. An indoor LED display gives you plenty of opportunities to share your brand message with the target group and the masses. The indoor fixed LED display is such a display that it is immobile, tenacious. And he fixed himself in a certain place in such a position that he cannot move alone.

Transparent LED display is a type of LED display that is crystal clear and has LED functions. It allows viewers to see what’s displayed on the glass and also provide full coverage of your background. Because it allows the audience to see what is happening behind the screen, it is also called a transparent screen. After you create your presentation, use a common digital input cable to charge it. The program tells individual lamps when to shine, resulting in the images you want.

When designing the transparent display of the LED display ad content, unnecessary background color can be removed, replaced with black, and only the content that is expressed is displayed. The black part emits no light during playback, and the effect is as transparent as the playback. The method can significantly reduce light pollution and it can also reduce power consumption and can deliver more than 30% energy savings than a regular LED screen. Shop windows should display the products without blocking the view of passers-by to see jewelry of all kinds in the store. The rise of transparent screens has just solved this problem, and stores like gold jewelry stores are now more commonly used.

With a transparent LED unit, your display attracts the attention of passers-by for much longer. It will also hold your attention and generate interest in a way that is not possible with online platforms. Because the repair is done within minutes, these screens require less repair costs and the product will last for years.

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