What You Need To Know Before Visiting Italy BTW Travel Guide

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Be patient and leave extra time on your schedule for cancelled trains. Italy is full of cobbled streets and old stairs that make Trenino Rosso it difficult to transport large luggage. It’s best to pack light, especially if you plan to travel around Italy a lot.

That is why it is important to at least learn the basics. And not only that, but most bus stops don’t have a ticket machine next to the stop. You’ll need to find a kiosk or tobacconist to buy your tickets. If you plan to use public transport on Sunday, buy your tickets the day before, then you will thank me later. And once on the bus/tram, make sure you validate the ticket. Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons, both because of the weather and the lack of crowds.

If you don’t plan to see anything in particular between Venice and the Riviera, I’d look for flights or trains to Nice. You’ll also probably incur some extra costs to cross borders in your rental car, and hefty costs for dropping off in another country (I don’t think you plan on driving back to Venice). Especially in less touristy small towns, many people will not be able to speak English.

Buying everything in advance can also save you money, as you can keep track of how much you’ve spent on attractions, which are usually the most expensive part of a trip. That way, all you have to do is budget for the extras. Some of Rome’s most acclaimed restaurants round out their reservation list weeks in advance, so it’s worth setting tables before you arrive. But even if you’re playing loose, it’s a good idea to always reserve your table in advance, even if you don’t do it until a few hours before your meal. Also, like most popular tourist attractions, it’s best to avoid Venice in the summer.

I travel with a Fujifilm X-T4 and love it because of its small, elegant and lightweight frame, perfect for Italy! You can check out some of our favorite travel cameras here. Rome and Florence are big cities, but there is so much more to discover in the boat-shaped country! I’ve spent six months in Italy on many different trips, and I still have a lot to see. Every time we come back, I keep adding to the list.

Visa and MasterCard are your safest bet while traveling, AMEX and Discover are not widely accepted at this time. Before you leave, read on your credit card to see if there are any foreign fees associated with your cards and plan accordingly. This is especially important with ATM cards, as you may be charged for your card and ATM. Italo also regularly offers discount codes on its Facebook page.

In addition to the possibility of avoiding public transport and thus saving money, this has another positive effect. You can really experience the city you’re visiting, because if walking you can find many more hidden gems and beauties, as well as see great restaurants, bars, and shops. The same applies if you travel further afield in Italy than the main tourist destinations.

A polite but forceful “no thanks” will often do the trick if you are dragged into a tourist trap in Italy. She is an expert in traveling, budgeting and searching for unique experiences. He loves being outside, hiking in the mountains, playing in the snow on his snowboard and cycling. She has been traveling for over 10 years and experiences unique cultures, new food and meets amazing people.

Monday is a particularly bad day because other museums in Rome are closed (use the day to explore the city’s streets, squares, alleys, and parks). Italy’s big cities have so many great attractions that you can discover them all for a lifetime. If you have a tourist phobia or are a regular visitor, look for some hidden gems and off-the-radar attractions.

Tours can be a great way to connect with a local and learn not only the history, but also local stories and legends. Walking tours, food tours and cooking classes are great experiences. At the very least, try to book skip-the-line tickets when visiting major attractions like the Colosseum. We recommend using this tour company for tours in Italy.

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